PayDay to PayDay

Sick and tired of checking your bank balance and then trying to work out how much you have left to spend before payday as you can’t remember what direct debits or other outgoings have still not been paid?

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3 Simple Screens

The App consists of 3 screens plus a widget.

PayDay to PayDay - iOS App

Home Screen shows remaining outgoings until payday. From here you can view the help screen and access the outgoings screen.

  • Easy to see outgoings
  • Access outgoings entry screen
  • Set your payday date
  • View help screen

The outgoings screen is where you enter all your monthly outgoings. You enter day of the month, amount and description.

  • Slide left to delete a outgoing
  • Easy 3 form entry of outgoing
  • Scrolling list of outgoings
  • Ordered in date order

This screen shows a little about the history of why I made the app and some help on how to use it.

  • History of the app
  • Some instructions

Available on iOS

The App is developed using SwiftUI on xCode, so is only available on iOS. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

PayDay to PayDay - App Landing HTML Template

All in Easy Steps

It is really easy to use in a few steps..


Enter your outgoings

Enter your outgoings by clicking the plus sign (+) and entering the date, amount and description.

PayDay to PayDay - App Landing HTML Template

Set your payday date

Set your payday date on the home screen using the plus and minus buttons.

PayDay to PayDay - App Landing HTML Template

Your total outgoings will display

Your outgoings until payday will show. Also you can use the widget for even easier viewing.

PayDay to PayDay - App Landing HTML Template

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions are answered below.

1. Do you connect to my bank?

We DO-NOT connect to your bank or need to know your salary. We just need to know what outgoings you have, what date they leave your bank and what day you get paid on.

2. Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do have a privacy policy as that is need for all iOS app on the app store. Privacy Policy.

3. How do I change a amount?

At the moment you can not edit a amount, so the best way is to swipe left on that outgoing, delete it and then add a new outgoing.

4. What features are you planning?

We hope to add 4 weekly paydays and outgoings that expire. Say your paying something off over 3 or 6 months say.

PayDay to PayDay - App Landing Page HTML Template

What People Say

Here are a few things people have said.

PayDay to PayDay - App Landing HTML Template

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